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VS HATTA set of 4 neon glasses VS HATTA set of 4 neon glasses

Set of four pink neon-tintedglasses made ofquality glass, BohemiaCrystal brand. Perfect for niceevening with friends. Everyonecan easily recognize his drink,thanks to the different colorsof the glasses at the colormix set. Packed in a VanillaSeason gift box.Recommended branding:laser L3. Maximum print size:25 × 20 mm. Dimensions:glass O 8.3 × 9.7 cm,volume 300 ml,package17.5 × 10.5 × 17.8 cm.

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VS MUMBAI set of mug and green tea VS MUMBAI set of mug and green tea

Porcelain cup, volume 400 ml, its ear is made in original shape. Fill it by a great deal of tea or your other favourite drink. Enjoy a delicious black or green tea, which are included in the package. Original Chinese green tea with jasmine flowers is a very popular combination. Classic black Indian tea has very strong and intensive flavour. The set is packed in Vanilla Season gift box. Recommended branding: rotary silkscreen printing. Maximum print size: 80 × 30 mm. Dimensions: mug O 8 × 13.3 cm, package 23.8 × 9.4 × 17.6 cm.

    11,30 € without VAT

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